Saturday, February 19, 2011


ever had someone propose in the oddest way you don't know how to answer?

(we were in the parking lot at the mall of asia, lying inside their car after pyrolympics .. i put some pictures of landscapes and some creative shots of people, sayings and thoughts on my new C3 phone so we were browsing...)

me: i'm going to australia

him: ok

me: i won't be going back for sometime

him: ok

me: wait for me?

him: hmmm ok if you give me money monthly

me: ok.. a dollar per day, thats 30 dollars per month

him: thats what? 500 pesos per month?

me: yea

him: haha noway, 

me: lets just spend all the money when i get home, thats what you want right? a one time big time?

him: no if its for other people (meaning if he's the one working in some other country) then its fine

me: ok

him: yeah go there and after some time when you go back here, marry me and we'll both be there.. we'll buy a car.. how many cars do you want?

me: (still not registering what he just said before the car) well, two.. a van and a smaller car.. i don't wanna drive

him: haha, what type of car? 

me: the one wherein you can pull out the roof

him: a top down?

me: (still thinking...) no thats a convertible

him: yea.. a top down

me: no, i distinctly remember reading it from books and on some parts of movies.. its a convertible i want.

him: ok...

me: (LIGHTBULB and grinning) did you just propose to me?

him: huh?

me: that sounded just like a proposal

him: no.. you'll propose to me

me: that was a proposal (smiling widely) 

and i .. laughed? damn if that wasn't such a buzz kill

i don't even know if it was legit

i am soooo over my head right now.

heart pounding stopping thumping 

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