Monday, February 7, 2011

book.fave.rave: THE ANGEL EXPERIMENT (Maximum Ride book 1)

I read this book last year when i was sooooo bored. I was enticed by the title.. i even thought it was all about angels haha! Well, i was also a bit shocked because i never read the back of the book so i had no idea that this book was all about bird kids. At first, i felt iffy because the characters were all kids and they were acting like adults.But then oh, it all started to get interesting and i was really hooked. I love their adventure. I love THE RIDE. haha. I was already imagining how good it could be if people really had wings right? it would be awesome! Fang and Max had a budding relationship here, which i think isn't weird.. because they're the oldest in the flock and it seems like the younger kids look at them as their mom and dad. I love it i love it i love this book! ^_^

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