Sunday, February 20, 2011


I'm a big fan of fairy tales

I belived i could be Cinderella without the step sisters and the cruel step mom

I played Jasmine (and sang the Aladdin song) at a very early age

I forever love Beauty and the Beast

I dreamed of being kissed awake everyday by my very own prince charming

I wished to be found by my aristocratic grandparents.. Very Anastasia-ish if you even consider that a fairy tale

So yeah, i'm the biggest fan of Happy Endings

maybe this is why i always hate books and movies with bad endings

and why i always treasure any book or movie with a happy ending (even with a very low rating)

whenever i watch or read a victorious story, i smile

and i say to my self.. Someday i'm going to have that too. A happy very own.. MINE

they say everything in this world is possible..

Nothing wrong with dreaming, wishing and believing.. :D

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