Wednesday, February 9, 2011

book.fave.rave: SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER (Maximum Ride book 2)

Like reviewing book 1, i am also excited in reviewing book 2. This time, the flock gets to go to a real school (the normal one). Max and Fang gets to meet new friends (and they get to kiss those friends, haha!). I sweeeaarr, the jealousy part (of Max) is totally hilarious. Of course, there's also the dramatic part which includes Iggy and his new found family. But it all worked out well in the end. I must admit, i enjoyed the "twin Max" scene.

"I think I'm Angel"
"And my dog isn't stupid.You're the stupid one, to think that you could fool us. I can read minds, you idiot."

Haha! I love thst part! Even though it was sort of obvious that she wasn't the real Max, it was fun reading how she got busted and all. I also cannot get over Ari's frustrations... i  mean, how old is he? 8? 7? and crushing on a 14 year old? Okay, given that in the book, he didn't look young but still, its awkward. I also feel sorry for him because of the way his father favored the flock instead of him, his own son. I guess i know why he's mad and frustrated not only with his father but also with himself.

I admire Max even more. There were more of her "strategic orders" in this book and frankly, i am really amazed.  I guess she's really a master planner even on a last minute basis. While reading book 1, i was imagining life with wings.. now with book 2, my imagination leveled up. I now imagine flying in a strategic manner just like the flock. Haha! i know, its crazy, but i bet it'll be breath taking just like in the book. I'd like to see more Fnick...i mean Fang and Max scenes on the next book. I hope their relationship gets to have updates or something.

All in all.. another great ride. I love it! =)

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