Monday, February 21, 2011


Have you ever experienced that after reading a ask your self, why didn't i pick this up earlier? what took me so long to read this? I am experiencing that right now.

I always tell my self (i even put in my reviews) that i am not a fan of emotional reads? well.. its a lie. I AM A SUCKER FOR IT. Maybe i hated them because its very easy for me to get carried away and cry for the characters. Especially a novel like this one. It struck a cord of some sort. Maybe because i love my dad so much and even though i only get to see him for 2 months each year, i still can't imagine life without him.

Amy is not a hard character to figure out and to love. I immediately got it that her grief is really strained with guilt. I for one, am really amazed on how she pulled through. I think, somewhere along the novel, she gained her confidence back and became a very strong character. It was obvious to me, as the reader, that Roger and Amy were attracted to each other, maybe not right away.. but there you go. I figured, Roger didn't wanna see Amy with other guys, which is why he discouraged Cheeks at some point in the novel (Amy didn't quite get this). I also know for a fact that Roger was jealous of Lucien (Hadley's brother). Yeah, the light-on-the-room thing and his reaction to Amy's owl gave him away. I am so glad for Roger.. he honestly deserved to be treated better than Hadley treated him. Her loss. haha.

I think the point of the whole story is for two people to help each other out and eventually, heal. Setting aside the Love story part (which is really awesome btw), i love their whole trip. It all made sense, every place they went to has some kind of meaning to either of them. This in a sense, is an inspiration to me. I finished this book while telling my self, someday.. i'm going on a detour my self and hope for the best. =)

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