Sunday, January 30, 2011

series.fave.rave: CHARMED

What i love about this series is its SPONTANEITY. I mean, i know its scripted and all.. but when their talking, it is ad if they're really speaking to each its all true. I am a fiction fan, a magic fan, a fantasy fan so this series really clicked to my personality. I guess i'm just the type of person who wants to escape reality and wants to have powers to change my life as well. A girl can totally dream right? 

I was never bored with this series. I often watch the marathon version when dvds were not yet available. So far, i haven't watched season 5,6,7 and 8 because my dvd of season 5 isn't working and i didn't want to jump to the next seasons

I've watched season 1 over and over like 5 times already. I like the season because Prue was still there. 

As a big fan, i even got the symbol Triquetra as a tattoo (just henna, i chickened out on getting a true-to-life tattoo).

Hmmm.. i guess i'll be editing this post after watching the rest of the episodes.

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