Saturday, February 12, 2011

book.fave.rave: SAVING THE WORLD AND OTHER EXTREME SPORTS (Maximum Ride book 3)

From the start of this book, my eyes started popping out. Not because i was tired or anything, its just that i kinda got my wish. Haha! yeah, i got my wish for more Fang-Max scenes. My heart started skipping a bit when the book started showing Fang's point of view. And then there was this kiss! oh yeah, boy was i not expecting that! Fang can realllly talk ohmyyy. Personally, at first.. i wanted to tell the characters, ditch the mission stuff and go on a vacation or something.

I was soooo not expecting Max to blurt out in a drug-induced rush that she loooooves Fang. haha! that was so hilariously sweet. And then Angel pretended to be one of the bad guys.. ooohhh that was clever. I finished the book in less than four hours..I still can't believe that they split up! But hey, i'm not really against it, after all.. they found out that they can't live without each other right? sweeetterr. =)

I feel so bad for Ari. After finding out that the one he really admires is actually his half sister, he dies. I hate it that he had to die.

Their captivity (Max's group) was very exciting (for me as a reader) because they get to know the real villains behind everything and Max gets to prove that she really is a smart ass and a very good fighter. I am so glad that Max wasn't really a daughter of that witch!

Anyway, i am soooo holding them to their promise not to split the group up ever again. Fang's blog was really helpful so i hope he gets to keep it for the next books. I am still really looking forward to Fang and Max being together. I mean.. their made for each other! ^_^

Another great ride. love it. =)

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