Thursday, February 10, 2011

book.fave.rave: UNEARTHLY (book 1)

I really wasn't anticipating anything with regards this book. I just thought that the cover was good so i placed it into my to-read list. Even when i started reading it, i felt bored. But boy was i soooo wrong. I realized that i was just bored because of Christian. From the very first scene where Clara met Tucker, i wanted him to be "the guy". But Clara just had to be sooo cliche' at first, crushing on the hottest guy. There was this scene wherein Tucker asks Clara what she sees in Christian and i was like.... YEAH WHAT IS IT EXACTLY? And then later in, Clara realized that the question meant Why don't you see me? and i say to my self.. YEAH WHY DON'T YOU? haha! i became part of team Tucker right away!

I only started really loving the book when Clara and Tucker started going out. I thought it was sweet of Wendy to give her brother as a gift on Clara's birthday. haha! i would like to receive a gift like that. I admire Tucker for seeing Clara even though her hair was such a mess and all, and because even though at first, he was scared of Clara's real nature (creature which gives off light hahaha ), he didn't run away when Clara explained. I feel bad for Christian because, well, he blew his chance with Clara. Oh and the twist on the end part? i totally didn't see that coming. But still, even id Christian is an angel/ half/ whatever, i still prefer Tucker. ^_^

A great angel fiction

Looking forward to the next book. =)

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