Saturday, September 7, 2013

book.fave.rave: DOWN LONDON ROAD (On Dublin Street #2)


I don't know why, but I really feel as if the characters are real. The author has an uncanny ability of making me feel as if what's in the book is true... or you know, really happening somewhere as I read it. For that alone, I have to give Ms. Young a standing ovation. 

The characters of the story are all perfectly imperfect. They are all striving to be as good as they can get. Jo? She's a gold digging b**ch on the outside, but get to know her more and you'll know where she's coming from. Cameron? He's such a judgmental cold hearted bastard at the start of the book, but as pages pass by, he becomes such a hot sweetheart that you'll really like him for Jo. 

Their story is of course, not the hearts and flowers that many other books have. Their story gives us a glimpse of the nitty gritty details that people can have in real life. For example, we have Jo who's taking care of her 14 year old brother as well as her drunkard of a mom. She does everything for the benefit of her brother. Although I hate what she does to herself in order to have that "security", I guess I really can't blame her if that's the kind of life handed to her. I admire her because not only does she have a full sense of responsibility, she was also strong enough to pull her self away from the life that she thought she wanted. She had enough guts that she took a chance on Cam.

Now Cam.. hmm.. Cam is still a mystery to me. I still don't know why he did some things and I don't know what's running in his mind sometimes. AHEM I WANT HIS POV, LIKE RIGHT NOW. Here's what I know so far: He's hot, a jerk at first, but he became very sweet to Jo. He's also the reason why Jo made some very good decisions in life, and for that.. I love him, :) He's just so good to Jo. He even loves Cole. There's no way that you wouldn't like his character in the end. 

The conflict about exes are.... hmm, pretty shallow. However, if you dig deeper, they have their very own reasons for it, especially with the way their relationship started. I usually tend to hate books wherein the main characters get together right after breaking up with their previous partners (because it almost always result to TRUST ISSUES later on), but this one worked for me, so I guess it was no big deal to me.

Just like what happened with Joss in the first book, I'm glad that Jo found out that she also has a family and that she's loved by many people. At the end of the book, she said that she's happy because she found a man who will always show/tell her that she is loved.. I get that. I get why she wants that and I get why she's very happy about it. In short, I'm happy for what happened to her. There were bumps, but it was all for a happy ending. :)

What makes this book more exciting is the fact that it shows bits and pieces of what happened to the other characters. I am so proud of Joss. She's very very very different here! It's like she's a whole different person with all the happiness radiating from her parts of the book. She's even a matchmaker now! hahaha! What a way to be different! I'm also happy that she didn't lose her spunk from book 1. Ellie's also very happy... Even the other characters have become more interesting. Hannah? Oh how I wish that girl could have her own book! She's so cute!!! ^_^

P.S. I really really really hate to say this, but I THINK BRADEN IS HOTTER THAN CAM. No offense, new CAMSTERS. *wink

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