Saturday, June 8, 2013


20 fluttering hearts and more! 

Just how can a book be so cliche and SUPER ENTERTAINING at the same time?

I just have to say, after Piper Shelly's Play With Me, I didn't think I'd find another book which is as good. The Avery Shaw Experiment is a light hearted, funny and adorkable story about a science geek girl who "thought" that her heart is pretty much broken when her all-time bestfriend dumps her (in a way) for a girlfriend. It's also about a guy who's pretty much the epitome of "jockness" who falls for the science club girl. Cliche? Hell yeah! Do I care? HELL NO! Should you care that it's cliche when you read it? NO CAN DO!!

GRAYSON: ღ❀ღ❀ღ❀ღ❀ღ❀ღ❀ღ❀ღ❀ღ❀


I must say, I admire Grayson's character. Even if indeed, he's popular and and ultra jock, he didn't let this get in the way of getting close to Avery. In fact, he was smart enough to use it. He included her in everything and that's just so sweet. The shower scene, btw is something that you gotta look forward to. haha. Just saying. It's so cute how Grayson helped Avery in "forgetting" about his younger brother. And it was definitely badass how he wrote in a journal about his feelings. I'm just kinda disappointed because I thought there's so much more in that journal that wasn't shown in the book. Oh well.

Anyway, Avery on the other hand, is very analytical. I get her, really. I get how she feels as if she's been betrayed by her bff. I get how she must've developed a totally different outlook for her and Aiden. However, it was still kinda frustrating how she kept on "grieving" for him. It's a good thing that there are just so many scenes wherein Grayson made her forget Aiden.. or else, I couldn't have liked Avery a lot.

The story was pretty much predictable. You know when you watch a chick flick and you can clearly see what's going to happen next but you still watch because you want to have more of that fluttery feeling that ends up with a *sigh or an *awwww? Yes, it was that kind of predictable to me.

Really, I couldn't have asked for a better ending to such a cute story. This made my day. I hope everyone reads it. :) 

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