Saturday, September 7, 2013


The title says it all. 

Kristen Ashley has done it again. She made me love her characters all over again. This time, she also made me believe that there's a parallel, universe out there. It's like the Game of thrones complete with magic, elves, dragons and conspiracy, minus all the weird sexual scenes.

I loved Finnies's character right away because she is EXCITED. She's always excited and always very interested with everything. I was awed with the grace that she showed in the face if a very unknown place and a very shocking event. She always found something good about something that is generally bad. Kike the situation that she was in. She made the most out of it and she kicked ass. :)

Frey on the other hand, is quite lovable too. I just hate the way he withheld pertinent information from Finnie. I think Finnie deserved to know everything and I'm also thinking that Frey had a free pass from that since he kinda sorta died while Finnie was confronting him about it. Anyway, he has a very strong character. Everyone bows down to him and everyone reveres him because hellooo... who would want the wrath of the person who commands the dragons and the elves? It's such a good thing too that he laughs a lot with Finnie because aside from being hot while doing this, it also shows that he appreciate Finnie's words. I like how they talk to each other. I like how they stayed open and not let a fight last for soooo long.. well longer than a few weeks, that is. I love how he cares so much for a virtual stranger and I love how he shows that he cares. He's i posing and yet, he's also very gentle. His character has a very nice mixture. I love it sooo much!!

The story has many twists and turns. It has any high and low points and it has magic. I love how it started and especially how it ended. I hope that the next one in this series is also good.. or better.... :)

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