Saturday, September 7, 2013

book.fave.rave: ANGUISH

Whyever did I wait so long to read this book? 

Maybe it's because the title speaks of sadness and I'm really not up for that. However, this novel didn't really have anguish in it (in my opinion). It had struggles, challenges, drastic changes, determination and promise.  

I am so happy because I got to read about he kind of hero that I don't normally see in novels nowadays. This hero is between the softer kind and the alpha kind. Imagine a hero that loves gardening, simulation games, and still can drive a Harley. That's something special.

I am in love with Breaker's character because even though he couldn't go out because of his fear, he still found it in him to be sweet to our heroine. I thought people with this kind of a phobia didn't really talk to other people, but I guess I'm wrong because Breaker was really talkative with Ash. I love how he really fell in love with Ash and complimented her in every way. He found it in himself to want to change things for her and ultimately, for himself.  

Ashland on the other hand, is a very caring girl. I swear, I always love characters who talk a lot and Ash is not an exception. Her character led Breaker out of the shield that he created for himself. It was cute what she did. Cute and very very considerate. I love how patient she is with him. I also love how she was able to do the hardest thing near the end. I commend her for that.  

Their love story is pretty predictable, really, even with the drama and complication... And yet, it's heartfelt and lovable. I wish everyone reads this.

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