Saturday, September 7, 2013

book.fave.rave: THE NATURE OF CRUELTY

I can't believe how I was completely blown away by this book. 

I was just browsing through some books because I was still riding the BULLY (by Penelope Douglas) high and I was looking for something similar. I came across this and I can't complain. It's really good. It's hot, most definitely interesting and fun!

The bully part of the book is not really severe. This is downright I-love-the-girl-so-I-harass-her-to-get-a-rise-out-of-her. Robert explained it and frankly, I thought his reasoning was a bit shallow, but still... it was a plausible explanation. I'm glad that he was able to find it in himself to flip the bully switch off and just be how he really wants to be with Lana.

Lana on the other hand is a girl with many fears. She fears that her illness will get the best of her, she fears the reaction of people when she tries to sing in an open mic night, and best of all, I think in some level, she also feared Robert. He was such a jerk to her that when he started becoming real towards her, she was so suspicious. I get that and I fully understand er skepticism. However, when good went to bad, I can't help but feel that Lana gave up too easily. I can't say that it was really bad though, them going on their own for a while since it also helped the plot. It became more believable. I just think that it was wasted time.

 Anyway, it all ended on a good note. I swear, these two characters will get a rise from you either in a good way or in a bad way. I felt both of their characters. What's also good about this novel is that the other characters are also damn interesting. For example, Lana's best friend! oh damn. I kinda expected the twist in the middle, but I was still shocked. Then we have the dad of the twins.. I really dunno if he's good, not so good or damn bad. I still can't figure it out even after reading. Then their moms! haha.. I love those two. :)

All in all, this is a good one. I would have to read more from this author if this is how she writes. ;p

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