Sunday, September 23, 2012

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: Love Unrehearsed (Love #2)

I was thinking of a word to justify how good this book is and one word popped into my mind.


I loved LOVE UNSCRIPTED . It was a magical novel, at least to me. It had sparks flying and drama looming and I ate up everything about it. I immediately marked the next book as "to-read" after reading the first one. Unfortunately, the release date of this second book was delayed for so many months. I mean, it was moved and moved and moved until I lost track of time. Deep inside, I just knew that this one's gonna be just as great, if not, maybe LOVE UNREHEARSED would be GREATER. So why faith? It's because I believed that in the author! I believed in the story and just how good it'll be..... AND YES!!! IT IS!! IT DEFINITELY IS GREATER! GRANDER! AWESOME! I had a blast! This one's a grade Ⓐ for me! ^_^

I can't help but feel that Ryan and Taryn has a really strong connection in this book. They had a steady relationship. Both of them still had insecurities but they were also reassuring each other which is totally nice.

It was also good that the author added spice into this novel by bringing in other forms of relationships like these:

GARY ✂ MARIE...yeaa she's soooo over you cuz you're a cheater 
MARIE ❤ MIKE -- HOT ^__^ 
PETE ☢ TAMMY - bridezilla much?? I'm also thinking that if she's really such a good friend, she wouldn't do the things she did here. CRAZY TOXIC.

~These other forms of relationship served like a "lesson-learned" for Taryn and Ryan.

I'm so happy about how things went on with Ryan's career, well.. uhm, of course I'm not very happy with some unfortunate events, but I guess it's all just part of the story (glamour has it's price). I'm happy that Taryn got to help Ryan out when it came to his career. Let's just say that I AM SO HAPPY that THEY DID NOT BREAK UP/LEAVE EACH OTHER for even a chapter here. They were together (sometimes through video chat haha) all the way. Taryn had a stronger backbone here! I love it. I just love everything about it even the corny lines that Ryan sometimes make. ;p

This novel is hot, sensational, wonderful, adorable, sometimes even cute and downright FANTASTIC.

Please make more of these.. I mean, please make more novels that will turn my boring, dreary day into a happy one!

5 stars for you Ms. Reber! Oh, and just so you know... THIS WAS WORTH THE WAIT.

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