Saturday, December 1, 2012

book.fave.rave: Shallow (Going Under #2)

Shallow (Going Under, #2)


Things may have been a little too fast but that's okay! The story was good and it was filled with secrets. I had many suspicions about the mystery that is Nick's mom. I even thought that Payton's mom is Nick's mom! That would've been inappropriate in many ways! I love the anticipation and I love how it turned out.

It was really good that these two characters were resilient. Payton isn't overly dramatic with the lack of parental guidance.. she even defies them.. and Nick isn't very bitter (well, he kinda was but just a little) with the lack of mom. I love how they react to each other. Sarcasm, light banters and cute scenes. The conflict near the end was kinda petty. I mean, it would've been cleared fast if only there was no problem with their communication. They're getting back together scene was kinda.. hmm.. weird and yet.. it was cute.

I love it!!!! ^_^

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