Sunday, September 23, 2012

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: CEASELESS (Existence Trilogy #3)

I don't know how to express just how happy I am about this series so I thought I could just divide my fangirlyness and write 'em all a letter.


Dear Ceaseless, 

Thank you! You did not disappoint. You surpassed all of my expectations (and I expected A LOT). You made my day!!! I will never forget this series because of you! Yes you! You're my favorite book among the three, of course. 

 xoxo Hazel 


Dear Dank, 

 Hi! I'm a big fan! I am sooooo amazed by the things that you did for Pagan in this book. I was always looking forward to your POVs! You're the best DEATH everrrr! I don't care how cheesy your lines are sometimes. I just love how possessive you are of Pagan. I love it when you get jealous and go all caveman! You're just too sexy for your own good! I was even feeling bad when Pagan didn't remember you... :( 

Even though I was feeling bad that Pagan didn't remember you, I'm still happy because it was as if you were in the "courting stage" again. You were so very sweet to her even if she didn't know you. Jay didn't stand a chance! I mean really? Jay? LOL. You're way hotter and your scenes with Pagan were the best! Remember the time wherein she didn't remember you but you just had to kiss her again? I was smiling like an idiot then! How about the library scene? I just stared at that page and i'm telling you! It's burned in my memory now. Of course, how can I ever forget your together-again scene? IT'S PERFECT. YOU WERE BOTH PERFECT. 

Anyway, I'm so happy because you were willing to break all rules for Pagan again. You were so focused on her and her alone that you made my heart (and a lot of other girls' hearts, i'm sure!) flutter, race, stop and RESTART. I am so happy that you got everything that you wanted and most of all... I'm so happy for your happily ever after. You guys deserve it! 

I know that you're a fictional badass rockstar slash death.... but still, I'm your fan forever. ;p 

xx Haze 

P.S. Please tell Gee that she's the best ally ever! I love her quick wit. I love everything she did for Pagan and you in this book. Just tell her she rocks! 


 ~~My first letter to Ceaseless when I first added it to my TBR list:

Dear Ceaseless, 

I promise not to be tempted to read Predestined before you arrive. See you on September! I know you'll be an awesome read! ツ 

xoxo Haze

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