Saturday, October 20, 2012


Micha and Ella. Ella and Micha. WHAT.A.PAIR 

This book is full of issues from both sides. I wanted to know everything right away, but the author skilfully hid the full extent of the plot that you have to finish it first before judging. I admire Ella's character because even though bailing out was a cowardly thing to do, she still tried to make her self into a better person. I was a bit angry at her character at first because she was such a liar.. but then I found out why she's so darn repressed and all was well. Micah on the other hand, I cannot believe this guy's patience. I mean... after not seeing Ella for eight months, he welcomes her with open arms and helps her out no matter what. He also has this uncanny ability to be very very sweet at times and I can't help but like his character. It was also very selfless of him when he decided not to share his baggage (right away) with Ella.

The plot is somehow pretty much a trend nowadays (home life sucks, teen issues etc) but it definitely is a good read. I like how it ended and I look forward to reading the next one. :)

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