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BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: SPARK (Elemental #2)

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MESS YOU MADE HERE, GABRIEL! I mean that in a positive tone since you eventually redeem your self. I think your story had more depth than Chris' story (Sorry, Chris... I still like you though! ). 

Gabriel is a HOT HEADED guy... like literally. He has power over fire, but unfortunately . . he's not so good with control. Layne is a studious girl with a family baggage and scars. These two make a really good combo and it all started here:

“Now exchange papers with the person beside you for grad-ing.”

He snapped his head up.

The sophomore was already holding out her paper, not even looking at him. He took it but didn’t relinquish his own. The tests sat side by side, one neat and perfectly ordered, one a complete fucking mess.

Brainiac sighed and reached out to grab his test, snatching it back to her desk.

Gabriel chewed on the end of the pencil nub. It hurt his lip.

He could pick a fight. Get sent to the office. Alan Hulster sat to his left, and that guy was a tool. Gabriel wouldn’t even mind laying into him.


He glanced to his right. That sophomore was staring at him, her brow furrowed. She licked her lips. “These are all wrong,” she whispered.

Like he needed her to tell him that. He looked back at her test. Ms. Anderson was reading off the answers, one by one, and of course Brainiac had gotten every one right.

Her name was written in perfect script at the top. Layne Forrest.

Why the hell couldn’t he remember a name like Layne Forrest?

He should punch Hulster now, before papers were handed forward.

“Hey,” Layne whispered again.

He glanced over. “What?”

She flinched a little, then whispered, “You got a ninety-two on the test last week. I saw.”

Of course he had. He would have gotten a perfect score, but Nick usually answered some wrong on purpose.

He glared at her, hoping it would make her back down.

“Yeah? And?”

It worked. She recoiled and looked back at his paper.

But then he saw her slowly turn her pencil around and start erasing.

She did it subtly, artfully, so her pencil was barely moving, and her eyes were intent on the front of the room.

And then she was writing.

What was she doing?

He couldn’t figure it out. Then Ms. Anderson was calling for the papers to be passed forward and telling them to use the rest of the time as a free period while she reviewed them.

“Hey,” he whispered.

Layne didn’t turn her head, just pulled a slim paperback out of her book bag and started reading.

He flicked a broken piece of pencil her way. It hit her on the arm.

She sighed and looked over. “Seriously?”

“What did you do?”

Her cheeks turned pink again. She looked back at the book.

Her voice was so small he almost didn’t hear her.

“You got an eighty.”

She’d fixed his test? 

~~CLASSIC! I swear, I used to do this for my crush waaaayyy back 6th grade. LOL. I practically helped him graduate... which is why I can relate to this. ^_^ 

I love how Layne understood Gabriel's frustration. She didn't jump to conclusions.. like say that he was stupid or something. I also know the feeling of "math being foreign". I wish that there's a Layne in every class. They eventually get together but it's not without complications. Layne's dad for one, was against Gabriel at first... It was probably Gabriel's fault since he was such an ass!

“Layne.” Mr. Forrest didn’t even glance at her. “Get his things.

Right now.”

“I can get my things,” said Gabriel.

“I’m not letting you out of my sight.”

Layne was caught between them, flustered. She was nearly wringing her hands. “Dad, it’s not ”

His eyes cut right. “Now, Layne.”

She swallowed and slinked past him into the living room.

“Don’t forget my box of condoms,” called Gabriel.

Now her dad looked like he wished he had a shotgun. “If I find out you laid a hand on my daughter ”

“What?” said Gabriel. “You’ll stand here and bitch about it?”

“Stop it!” cried Layne, dragging his coat and backpack from the kitchen.

Her dad took a step forward. “I’ll have you arrested and charged with trespassing and statutory rape.”

“Then I’m going to need another fifteen minutes.”

“Shut up.” Layne flung the coat at his chest, then barely gave him time to grab it before she shoved the backpack at him. Her eyes were red. Was she ready to cry?

He felt something inside his chest loosen. “Layne ”

“Get out of my house,” said Mr. Forrest. His words could cut ice.

Gabriel didn’t move. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from Layne. “Hey, I’m ”

“Go.” She wasn’t looking at him. “Just go.”

Her dad opened the door. “Now.” 

~~See? But we have to forgive him.... he was just really frustrated. :( 

And they eventually find a middle ground. :)

Mr. Forrest leaned in. “Layne says I was wrong about you.”

Gabriel didn’t know what to say to that, either.

“She has a whole timeline written out. She showed me some newspaper articles. Thinks you were the one to save the Hulster girl. Is that true?”

A timeline. That was so . . . so Layne. If he weren’t knee-deep in drama, he’d smile. Instead, he just shrugged and looked away. “The little girl went down the laundry chute. They didn’t think to check in the basement first.”

“And the fireman who went through the floor?”

Another shrug.

“Are you crazy?”

Gabriel met his eyes. “Probably.”

“They’re going to want to question you some more. Think you can handle it if I stay?”

Gabriel narrowed his eyes. “Why would you do that for me?”

“You saved my daughter’s life and protected my son. Why wouldn’t I do that for you?” Mr. Forrest didn’t wait for an answer, just glanced at his watch. “Let me make a few calls.” 

~~Also, Gabriel can also be a cute and loving brother. ;p 

Gabriel took the steps two at a time, just as Michael was coming out of his bedroom. His hair was wet and trailed over his shoulders, and he was wearing a pair of faded sweatpants and an ancient T-shirt that looked like he might have stolen it off a homeless guy.

Gabriel shoved him in the shoulder. “Go hit your face with a razor or something. God, would it kill you to shave more than once a week?”

Michael pushed past him. “I’m not sure the pizza guy will give a crap ”

“No, idiot,” Gabriel hissed. “That Hannah chick is here. Put some decent clothes on. Here” he stepped around Michael, into his bedroom “I’ll help you.”

He started yanking open drawers to Michael’s dresser. Worn jeans, old Tshirts, faded sweatshirts.

“This is pathetic,” he said.

Michael hadn’t moved from the doorway, his expression bemused. “You know what I do for a living.”

“And why aren’t you shaving yet? Don’t you care that a girl is here to see you?”

His brother hesitated. “Look. Gabriel. I’m not ”

“Forget it. You can wear one of my shirts.”

Now Michael gave him a look. “Like your shirt will fit me.”

Gabriel stopped in the doorway. “First, jackass, don’t flatter yourself. And second, don’t you know anything about girls?”

Michael just stared at him.

“For god’s sake.” Gabriel walked down the hallway to his own room, grabbed a slate-gray crewneck T-shirt, and brought it back. He flung it at Michael. “That’s the whole point.” 

~~Isn't it cute? Helping his brother hook up with someone? awww hahaha 

Their dynamics as a family still amazes me. Michael is an awesome guardian for these kids. I really do hope that he gets his happily ever after... even if it's not Hannah. I dunno... hmm... maybe someone else please? ^_^

Anyway, the plot is good. Much more deeper than the first one. I totally didn't know who the antagonist was..not until the end. It was sweet, action packed and frustrating because of Gabriel. Yes, Gabriel was so frustrating because he almost made everyone hate him.. even Nick. Yet, I was so touched by their making-up scene here:

But the door stopped with a few inches left. “You want me to bring you a cup of coffee?”

Coffee. The scent of it filled the house now, just like the guilt of his parents’ deaths filled Gabriel’s heart until he couldn’t contain it all anymore. The raw emotion clawed at his chest, at his throat, at his eyes, spilling over until he was crying in earnest.

Then Nick had an arm around his back and Gabriel was crying into his brother’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “Nicky, I’m sorry.”

And Nick just held him until he ran out of tears, and they were sitting on the bathroom floor, side by side. They’d used to hide in here, when they were younger, usually after pulling a prank on Michael. They’d lock the door and whisper with the lights off, crouching by the bathtub while Michael pounded on the door and yelled for Dad to get a screwdriver.

Now there was barely enough room to sit. 

So there you go.. another great sequel. My only complain is that I wish it was longer. I wanna know Layne's reaction when Gabriel told him everything. I wanna know if she's okay with all of it. I also wanna know about Simon. I mean, can elementals heal his condition? LOL. Wishful thinking. 

Patiently waiting now for the next book, although I'm not a big fan of Hunter. 

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