Sunday, August 19, 2012


I feel awesome after reading this. Throne of Glass made me want to be an assassin too. Well, who wouldn't? There are lotsa perks if you become one!

 ✔You'll be sane even after if you spend a year in hell (or in this case, an underground prison)
✔You'll meet two totally opposite hot guys
✔You'll have a SUPER reputation since you're badass!
✔You can be arrogant since you have a SUPER reputation
✔You can dangle on your bed post because you are exercising
✔You can have the prince's love and affection, even one of his mutt
✔You can also have the prince's books
✔You can mock the "ladies" haha
✔You will be bffs with the princess of the rival country
✔You can wear damn pretty dresses
✔You will be friends with some criminals
✔You can face off with a creature from the underworld and come out bloody and wounded and then wake up just fine after 3 hours.
✔You can be saved by the Captain of the Guards
✔You can also silently have that Captain of the Guard's love and affection but you're both so dense you won't even see it coming!

 I love it! The plot is truly great and well-thought of. I wish that there will be more fight scenes in the next book and I wish that Celaena will give Chaol a chance. ;p

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