Sunday, January 6, 2013

book.fave.rave: A SECOND CHANCE (Keller Family #2)

A Second Chance (Keller Family, #2)

This is a really emotional getting back together story.

I was blown away by their family dynamics. They were so good to each other that I found my self looking forward to scenes that they have as a family. One scene that is burned in my memory is the "hair shaving" scene. I swear, I cried at the scene. It's just so emotional and a very important one. The significance of the act is not lost to me...and maybe for everyone else that has read it too.

The topic of illnesses is really hard for me to read. I'm the kind of reader that gets attached to characters that I would always want a happy ending for them RIGHT AWAY. But this time, I waited. I waited patiently and I waited a lot. I waited a lot for Carlos and Maddie to get back together. Hell, there weren't even any hot scenes here but still i waited. Suffice to say, I totally was looking forward to their reunion. I just didn't know that Carlos would wait until the end. Ugh, that man! I was frustrated with him because he already knew in his heart that he still loved the woman but he still went on with the marriage! Hmpf! His wife had to dump him first!

Anyway, everything went well in the end. I just wish that it was longer. I wanna see how the kids react to he news that their beloved parents are back together again.

P.S. I just wanna say how I would love Eduardo as a brother, a son, a boyfriend even! That kid is soooo sweet it rivals his dad!

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