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The Edge of Never

See? It's not so bad to take a peek at the ending!

Had I not seen the ending, I would've shunned this book near the end. It's one of those books that make you fall hard. It's also one of those books that makes you want to trade places with the characters because they're in some place nice and you wanna see what they see. Yes, this is all about the road and places to go without really knowing where you would end up. Many people dream of doing it but only a few succeed on putting it into action. Camryn and Andrew are one of those.. well, in the fiction world, that is.

First off, I would like to share my embarrassing experience that I got by reading this book. You see, there was this part near the end wherein Camryn was reading Andrew's letter. THERE! That's the part wherein I cried childish tears! Complete with the hiccup and tears.

Where was I when I did this?

I WAS IN A FRIGGIN JEEPNEY! (It's one of the main modes of transportation in my country that holds about 14-16 people)
Even if I was wearing my darkest tinted shades, I was so obvious! It was silly as hell, but hey, I couldn't help it. If I had not taken a peek at the ending, I would've thrown my nook on some random passenger. That would've been careless and most embarrassing.

So there, done with sharing and caring.. off to new heights with my Andrew!

Andrew and Camryn both had to get away. I honestly thought that was gonna be a light hearted novel that's all about road trips and such. It was indeed light hearted. As light hearted as it can get when the heroine had faced a series of unluckiness in life and when the hero's dad is dying with Cancer and wasn't letting anyone grieve the proper way.

I learned to love Andrew the moment he had his first POV. I considered him as a happy-go-lucky person who deep inside wants a seriously happy ending. He's hot as hell (as the book says) and he was protective of Camryn even when they didn't know each other yet. He may have issues with his dad but it all makes sense in the end. He was always ready to go with Camryn. He was also always crying that I shook my self for not seeing it that he was also sick! BRAIN TUMOR SUCKS! sooner!

On the other hand, our heroine is a tortured one. I mean, she had a lot of misfortunes before she decided to just run away and try to experience new things. I admire her for her courage in doing the unthinkable. She literally blurted out the first place that came to her mind, as Andrew says, IDAFUCKING-HO. Camryn's character could also be seen as somewhat needy and one who has trust issues. Well, lemme just say that in the end, I liked her character more. She has been through one boyfriend dying she doesn't need another one who'd die too! . There's always a time that I wanna have some of the traits that a character has. This time, I wanna have Camryn's tenacity. Not breaking down when life seems so out of sorts is a really good trait.


It's great to know that a fiction guy can still be romantic and kinda cheesy over a tattoo. I'm so happy that Camryn also got hers! Oh well, what else can I say?

✔It's love at first sight.
✔It's one of those insta-love that works for me.
✔It's one of those stories that touches the heart of a romantic like me. ✔ It's one of those books that can make you cry, laugh, be frustrated, angry or even disappointed (kinda like how I feel for Nat, no offense). ✔It's also one of those books that you wish had a longer ending because the ending just seemed so... abrupt? Albeit, it's a happy ending, I still wish it was longer.

Anyway, here are some tips that I got from this book for living your life to the fullest:

✶ Try not to plan anything when you go on a road trip. The surprise makes it all more exciting.
✶ Talk to nice looking people who sits next to you.
✶ Be vigilant of people who lurks around and always seem to look at you funny.
✶ Follow your heart when it comes to decision making. It may go wrong at some point, but at least you can say that it was your decision and you stood by it.
✶ Let go of the past and start forgiving. Giving people second chances has a good rate of success.
✶ If you're a parent, try not to ask impossible things from your kids. It's one thing to be a "cool parent", it's another thing to teach your kids to be stones.
✶ If you're a son or a daughter.. or you're a member of a family, consider the feelings of your family member.
✶ Don't let the moment pass you by. If you're gonna do it, do it now. ✶ Trust is really a core value that is earned and should be kept safe.

~~Christmas is near so I want to share one of my wishes to Santa (and the author) now.

Dear Santa, Please let the next book be about Asher? Please pretty please? He's such a good boy, I wonder how he'll be if he gets to have his very own story.

P.S. My friends also like Blake, so if he's next in line, we'll take it! ~


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