Monday, January 7, 2013


Rule (Rule #1)

100 stars!!!!






Honestly, this is one of the best bad boy meets good girl books! I recommend it to everyone. Let's all read this!

The story is all about our hero, RULE. He's every mom's nightmare. He has so many tattoos since he's also a tattoo artist himself. He dresses the part too, complete with the mohawk and crazy hair colors. He lives his life the way he wants to and that's always how it has been. Rule may look like and act like the world's biggest badass, but he has his demons. His twin brother died 3 years ago and his mom blamed him for it. Even though he was always second best to his twin, they had a good family back then, and now they didn't. Their mom is practically batshit crazy now because she's (as Shaw says) rewriting an imaginary history wherein Rule is the villain. As expected, Rule didn't take this lightly. In fact, he always doubts people's feelings for him. They always gotta prove that they care for him.

Enters our heroine princess, Shaw. Yes, I'll call her princess, and that's a real compliment because she's just too good to be true! I mean, I love her character because hell yeah, she's rich, but she's not a snob. She doesn't rub her money on another person's face. She's very patient with everyone, she's kind, loyal, headstrong and she loves as hard as she can. She has been in love with Rule ever since she was 13. Unfortunately, Remy, Rule's twin, used her as a pseudo-girlfriend in the eyes of the Archer family (view spoiler)[ since he was gay and didn't wanna come out (hide spoiler)] so Rule has been seeing her only as his brother's girl. LOL.

One night, sparks fly and suddenly, Rule is looking at her in a different way. He was even willing to KINDA date her, which was in his case, such a big deal because he didn't really date. Rule knows that a relationship with Shaw changes everything and she couldn't be just one of "those girls". On the other hand, Shaw has been struggling because she couldn't tell Rule that she loved him... A LOT. And that's where the complications rise. It was beautiful, even with the complications. I love how the author showed both of their imperfections. I love how their redeeming qualities also showed after everything. I love how Rule has been taught by Shaw that he could be loved just like everyone else.

This novel not only shows how to completely different people could totally fall for each other, it also shows how people deal with grief, and that is a beautiful thing because it's proof that we're all human. Rule's mom admitted something in the end and that made a whole lot of a difference for my Rule. I just bet he needed that the most!

The ending was really good. I love their getting-back-together scene! It rocked and y'all should look forward to it! ^_^


I applaud for this book! I LOVE IT! ^_^

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