Sunday, January 6, 2013

book.fave.rave: HIS PURRFECT MATE (Mating Heat #2)

His Purrfect Mate (Mating Heat, #2)

This was a hot, refreshing read.

Of course we all know that it'll be hot if it came from EC.. the refreshing part was surprising to me though. It's not everyday that i get to read about a heroine who attaches herself to the hero when frightened. I don't mean "attached" as in she calls a lot or texts a lot. Shannon literally ATTACHES herself to Anton when she's scared. Now call me crazy but I really think that it's cute... endearing, even. She's helpless because she cannot shift. She can't do shiz to safe her life... but damn if Anton didn't make up for the heroine's lack of power. These two are just plain sweet and hot. I kind of like the idea that Shannon is totally protected by Anton because she can't protect herself.

I like it that for once in a paranormal setting, the heroine isn't "da bomb" (or strong, powerful etc.).

The story is even good. The conflict? I never saw that one coming. Yes, I was shocked. I like the ending as well.

I'm glad that I read this. I think I'm gonna be reading more shifter novels. They're all kinda intriguing. It's my first time reading about shifter puma's and I must admit, I researched about them while reading this. ;p See? intriguing! :

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