Monday, January 7, 2013

book.fave.rave: PLAY WITH ME

Play With Me (A 30,000 words novella)

And that's how you make my heart flutter! Thank you very much! ^_^




I enjoyed this a lot. Liza and Tony have been friends for like, forever, and Liza had it in her head that they were bound to be together forever. She was always doing things for him and him alone. She totally believed that eventually, Tony will look her way. Personally, I didn't like Tony's character from the start because hellooo? How could he be so dense? It's either he's ignoring Liza's efforts or he's just plain dumb. Anyway, just when Liza was all set to prove to Tony that she's the perfect girl for him, fate has another plan for her. She gets to meet Ryan, my new ya crush ;p.. and everything changed. She started to hang out with Ryan and finally realized that things are hotter with him than with her best friend. The drama was just so cute. Yeah, it was cute to me.. haha, I swear I was giggling silly at the fight scene inside Liza's room. It was just so cute when two boys fight for one girl like that. Anyhoo.. I'm glad that Liza opened her eyes to the better catch and things became well with Tony too.

This was such a nice, fluttery, light and happy read.

I wish this was longer. Although I don't think that there will be a sequel, I'd still hope for one. :)

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