Monday, January 7, 2013

book.fave.rave: BAD REP

Bad Rep



Yes, this story bared my heart out.

Bad Rep gives out a raw, unforgiving, flat-out truth, undeniably on-your-face emotions. It has no stops, no breaks and it totally didn't care whether I, as a reader, get pissed at both characters! In a way, this is a bold move by the author.

I totally get now why the title is BAD REP. I swear, I didn't at first. I even thought that the title was about the guy. As it turns out, it was all about Maysie, our lovely heroine. She's one insecure girl! She cares too much about what other people thinks which is just way too bad because she picked the wrong guy to fall in love with. Jordan, our hero had a girlfriend at the start of the story. He's a hot bartender slash drummer. These two become attracted right away to each other. Another story wherein insta-attraction worked for me. But then, let's go back to the "girlfriend" of Jordan. So his girlfriend goes back in town and then BAM! Everything goes into chaos for Maysie. She becomes the school pariah and a lot of crude people called her a whore just cuz she gave in to the attraction. It was kinda unfair because hey, she tried her best to stay away. I think she even felt what Emma Stone felt in this movie:


~~Oh, the plot is not the same btw. Still, maybe "Olive" in EASY A felt the same way as Maysie did. There were even pages that I just skimmed through because I can't really take what's being done to her and what she thinks about her self. She really has a lot on her mind, that girl. She thinks too hard and cares too much about what others say and feel about her that it really becomes too annoying for me to read her internal monologues. I hated her cowardice when it comes to her reputation at first. Why only at first?'s because I realized that if in some other parallel universe, this happens to me, I think that I'd also feel what she felt to a certain degree and thus, maybe I'll also do the "running away" act.

MY FEELINGS ABOUT THE CHEATING PART: I would always say that I hate cheaters. I avoid books with cheating guys because it doesn't sit well with me. However, I'd like to make an exception for Jordan. I mean, he said that he and Olivia were already falling apart way before he met Maysie... so maybe, this would justify what happened. . .maybe even for just a bit? PLUS...they suffered a helluva lot once things blew up.

Anyway, as expected.. they passed a really rough road when they got together. It was bound to happen, with the way they started. There were tons of rumors, tons of characters that I wanted to rip to shreds because they were just way too frikkin mean! I'm just so happy when Maysie finally grew imaginary balls and got over her fear of having a bad reputation. I'm happy for Jordan cuz finally, the girl he loved vowed to stay with him and loved him back.

This novel is just RAW because I think it really captures how people would react to a certain situation. I feel like it could be true! What happened in their story is not all hearts and flowers. The things that happened to them ranged from kinda bad to worst before it all became good. But still, I gotta give credit to the author because she made me feel a lot of things while reading this. She was spot-on with the feelings and reactions! Good job, Ms. Walters!

P.S. Somehow, at the end of this novel.. with Jordan going on a roadtrip, It reminded me of S.C. Stephen's Thoughtless series. Maybe if you liked that, you'd like this too.

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