Sunday, January 23, 2011

friend.fave.rave: ABI

My first post introducing my barkada..

A - Attractive
B - Briliiant 
I - Intelligent

I've known her ever since i can remember. She used to be the smallest girl in the class. USED TO BE. My first memory of her is when her father came to the school to fetch her. My uncle forgot that we had an early dismissal so i was still waiting for him. I saw Abi walking towards her father and i said to my self "someday, Papa will also fetch me" (My father was always in another country, working). Her dad knows my uncle as well as Papa ( maybe they got to know each other while waiting? who knows ) so he (her dad) approached me and asked me where my "sundo" was. I told him i didn't know and he told me to stay put. That probably was the first time i admired her dad (always there and all..)

Abi and i were never close in grade school. She was just some short, slim, braniac kid who's always being sent to quiz bees (haha, am i bitter or what? i only entered twice in my whole life). We were pretty much strangers. I saw her, passed her but never talked to her since we were never seatmates, well.. not that i remember so far. Anyway... highschool came and we got together. And oh damnn she was taller, more lean and nicer =) . I will never figure out how or why we all became close (me and my barkada). But there you have it.

Abi is and always will be the braniac i knew. She's smart, hard to fool (well i'd like to think that she's really hard to fool or else.. hmm), practical and attentive (attentive enough that i also think she has an EYE FOR DETAILS physically hahaha). In college, i even thought she was isolating herself, duh, it payed of eventually.

After all this years.. i realized that i see Abi as a strong person. Strong in a way that she doesn't back down against odds.. pressure or whatever. She has a BIG sense of humor. I think it helped that she started as sort of a geek student type.. and then became the friend i know today. She grew up in a (sorry if this sounds too cheesy i just couldn't replace it with another word) blooming way. She's prettier than ever and knows how to have fun. Love seems to be buzzing around everyday. I teased her because she has so many kittens at home. I told her she may grow old to be an old maid, but, i know its not true (won't ever be true as a matter of fact because as a friend i'll push her off a building before she decides to be an old maid).

With all the characteristics and her attitude towards life.. i know Abi will always succeed in whatever she takes on in life. =)

So for now.. thats all i can say about my dear friend Abi.. since i can and will eventually edit this post someday.

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