Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's good about being me...

>You'll have Valentines day as your birthday
>You get to have great set of parents as well as a large extended family
>You get to live with your cousins whom you treat like your first friends since you have no choice because you live together and all
>You will play virtually every street game as a child
>You get to have an annoying brat for a sister who grows up to be a cosplayer
>You get to move twice! (except for the years that you dont remember well, like when you were still a year old or so)
>You get to have honors but not consistently 'coz you're so stubborn
>You get to have a good voice, not for showers only.. but for the stage baby! yea! haha
>You get to enjoy fame @ school because you're so damn friendly! (kiddddiiinngg)
>You get to have TRUE friends in highschool and although you part ways in college, you will always come back to them because they're your REAL OLDEST MOST LOYAL (cough*cough*) friends eeevveerr!!
>You get to have a slim bod as a teenager (only as a teenager)
>You get to be good @ flirting in highschool too bad you're too shy in college
>You'll have the ability to read faaasstt 
>You also get the ability to successfully perfect "CRAMMING" on almost every test, it'll work.
>You will ace english!!! but flunk math saaarreehh
>You will endure Nursing as a course in college
>You get to meet new friends and broaden your horizon
>You will eventually gain tons of experience from everyday on and off school
>You get to meet you one true love,, lets hide him with an a.k.a KRIS
>You graduate with acceptable grades
>You PASS the friggin BOARD EXAM!
>You get to have the motto "TOMORROW IS ALWAYS ANOTHER DAY"

basically.. that sums it all up =)

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