Monday, January 24, 2011

movie.fave.rave: STARDUST


I dreamed of writing about Stardust since the first time i watched it. Its too bad i never got to see it on big screen. Anyway, now i get to make that dream come true haha! I LOOOOVVVEEE STARDUST. I love everything about it, i love Evane, I love Tristan, I even love Dunstan (his dad!). This movie is just, breath taking and timeless. I have watched it more than 10 times! And i must say.. i never get bored! I love the effects especially of Evane shining. Everybody loves a happy ending, and that is what Stardust have. Adventure, romance, Action and humor.. that is what Stardust is all about. I love it and i will always have it in my favorite movie list. A five out of five stars! ^_^

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