Tuesday, January 25, 2011

book.fave.rave: GONE

I started reading this book a month ago.. and i still don't have it in me to finish it. Maybe because its emotionally draining. I can't imagine my world without adults around. Yesterday, i read a few chapters in the attempt to finish it, but oh, hey QUINN had me soooo pissed off. I understand why they're acting like it, they're just kids..but i can't help it. The book is great, thrilling and full of suspense. I just can't stand their (the children's ) nsecurities. I myself would be frustrated if there are no adults around to organize everything and help everyone.

I'll be editing this post once i finish the book..


Okay, so i finally finished the book. haha! i was just pissed at the start of the book.. but quite satisfied after that. I guess i also must place this in my "favorites" shelf. It has adventure, a tinge of romance, horror and fun! Just imagine a world where kids just kind of rules. And with "the darkness" lurking around, i bet the second book will be better. Be posting about it once i'm done.

Again.. a healthy, worth it read!

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