Tuesday, January 25, 2011

book.fave.rave: RULES OF ATTRACTION

Okay.. so after reading Perfect Chemistry, i really couldn't let this second book go. I read it right away. And it didn't fail me. I LOVE IT as much as i loved Perfect Chemistry. This book is totally amazing. Of course at first, i was pissed because Carlos was always bashing my favorite character, Alex. But then, i understood where he was coming from and why he was that way at first. He's just a rebel on the inside, but dammnnn does he have LOTS OF SELF CONFIDENCE, and lots of humor aside from that. Kiara is definitely a new idol for me.. she wears baggy clothes, good at fixing cars, a good girl and sexy as well! I think their paring is really awesome! I also love Kiara's dad (actually, her family is just soooo perfect!) for being such a cool, loving and protective dad. But of course, this is again, a happily ever after book. Super liked and loved this! =)

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