Wednesday, January 19, 2011

reblog: My ebook reader Sep 20, '10 11:30 AM

Like every bookworm i know, i just can't get enough of reading . I can read a book in an hour or 2, that's a novel. Believe me, i have lots of books.. as in hundreds of them. But eventually, i got tired of looking for bargain books (I used to buy old books.. like 1980's OLD). Don't get me wrong, i love book hunting especially in booksale, but yeah, it gets tiresome and i end up buying the wrong books because i usually get enticed with the front cover ugh!  bad habit.. i know.. So, i decided to try ebooks.. 

The first ebook i tried is TWILIGHT.. haha! its really funny how patient i was back then because i read it on my desktop. I knew that it didn't help my eyes so after that, i tried reading ebooks using my nintendo ds (using a program named NDS READER)... used that method for about 3 months or so.. and then i discovered that i can read using my psp as well.. so i also tried that.

ADVANTAGE FOR NDS (DS READER): small, handy, fast switch of pages, i can read for about 5-8 hours on the minimum light, you can load your own fonts
DISADVANTAGE FOR NDS: the size is also a disadvantage since naturally, the fonts are smaller although you can set it to be bigger, eye strain, only .txt files can be read (though its not really a big disadvantage since its easy for me to convert), bookmarks are lost/corrupted once you turn off the nds

some pics of that..(notice that my NDS is also pink haha!)

ADVANTAGE FOR PSP (BOOKR) : you can choose your color combination (bg&text), you can load your own fonts, small and handy as well, bookmark works like a charm, you can read .pdf/.txt but .txt is better for me
DISADVANTAGE FOR PSP: Biggest disadvantage is the battery life, my psp is 1 year and half old so the battery is kind of busted nowadays, i can read for 2-3 hours only. the small size also becomes a disadvantage.. it causes eye strain since i don't want to make the fonts really big because i have to change pages often.

some pics..

I tried both, it worked and i love both devices ..its just that i've been wearing glasses since i was 14 years old.. i am now 21 and i don't want to make the grade of my lenses higher than what i can control it to be. 

Mid of June.. i read some posts on a certain website about EBOOK READERS. I found out that there are lots and lots of ebook reading device. I eventually decided that i would like to buy one.. and so the search began. From June- September, i looked for the perfect dedicated reading device which i can buy locally.. Unfortunately.. it costs double the price if you buy it outside the country  (thru internet). I was hopeless for a while because i didn't want to use my mom's credit card. But then, i found out thru symbianize about JOHNNY AIR CARGO.. a second party courier. Apparently, they can order for me online (using Johnny air cargo's credit card) and i would just have to pay them cash IN PESO. At first i thought, this is too good to be true because it answers all of my problems. But then.. i decided to give it a go.. so on SEPTEMBER 3, 2010.. i went to their Makati Branch and filled up a form which was emailed to me two days before (i called their makati branch 2 days earlier). 

The computation below is what i paid on September 3, 2010 for ordering

Cost of item               $149
Inland Shipping            $17
Credit Card Charge    $25

Total                             $191  x P44.55 airline rates = P8,891.05

after ordering, i waited and then presto! after 16 days, JAC texted me yesterday that my package was now available for pick up .. so i went to JAC Gil puyat branch (i asked if i can just pick it up in that branch)... They charge 7.50 per pound..the ebook reader i ordered was 4 pounds

Here's what i paid for earlier today:

$4 X $7.50 = $30 plus 12% vat

45.45 FOREX = P1,781.64

So what ebook reader did i really order? Its ASTAK 5" EZREADER POCKET PRO

WHY DID I CHOOSE ASTAK 5" EZREADER PRO? Well.. you can say that i'm really a fan of the color PINK , not the biggest reason, but still.. part of it. Also, it supports LOTS OF FILE FORMATS  PDFTXTRTFEPUBLITPPTWOLFDOCCHMFB2
And for a first ereader, this is quite good. I didn't want to jump to the kindle bandwagon right away.. maybe someday when they offer a device which is bigger and better in a lower price. Don't get me wrong, i wanted to buy a K3 but then, astak made me change my mind.. 
I ordered it in pink.. and i love the fact that my color preference was granted 

here are some pics 

This is the was sealed when i first got it @ JAC gil puyat branch

And here is what's inside, you can see the box of the ezreader pro and scattered inside are some foams for protection

The Box... 

This is my pink astak pocket pro 

A picture of when it starts up (still with plastic)

A sample picture from my BLUE BLOODS novel, still with plastic

From Mortal instruments, City of Glass

A picture of it with the sleeve cover

The cover...

Pretty much all of the contents with the boxes

A picture from one of my favorite manga today.. Kaichou wa! Maid Sama

Its great to have this device since i REALLY REALLY LOVE READING and sometimes i feel addicted to it haha .. This post is for those like me.. and those who are not like me! 


  1. hey, why you didn't try to get an iPad rather than that?
    yes i think yea already know that iPad cost is more than a couple times than EZReader you bought, but i think with waiting and saving for more time you can get much more feature rather than EZReader got, it has an candy eye book reader, and much much more feature that give me a shoot amaze, maybe for you too.
    i got confused about take some comparison e-reader a couple month ago.
    and if you bought that because you just love pink :D, i think you can got silicon coated in pink color for an iPad too and it's more cute for a girl i think.

  2. Hi there! i got the ezreader waayy before i found out that kindle / sony has the new pearl e ink screen. Honestly, i would've gotten one of those than ipad. I'm an avid reader so i mostly based my decision on what i truly needed (i don't really need the extra stuffs that ipad has to offer). I get lost in a book for hours and hours. I tried reading using my laptop but my eyes just couldn't take it anymore. I have very high graded eye glasses so ipad wasn't even on my list when i was about to buy a reader. So in summary, i bought this because of E INK. =) no strain on my eyes from then on.