Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT TWILIGHT and what i did for it

It started with a joke.

My classmates were talking about the TWILIGHT book and how good it is, so i joined in and pretended that i have already read it. But then i found out that the book was going to have a movie version and i already saw the teaser when we last watched in a theater. So i made it a point to read the book. I didn't want to buy a paperback version (in case i don't like the book, it'll save money) so i looked for an ebook version. Even though my eyes hurt, i couldn't stop reading it once i started. I dunno why, maybe because Edward was such an IDEAL guy. A dream guy in a way. He is soooo sweet in the book that it made me forget that he's a vampire character.

So from then on, i had my TWILIGHT phenomenon.

My mom bought me the whole set of books as a gift on my 20th birthday. It was so hard looking for the books since it became widely known in the Philippines so my mom had to talk to some personnel before she got hold of all the books.

Anywayy.. when i graduated college, i had so many spare time before the board exam. I started reading and re-reading all the books. Especially the fourth book.. BREAKING DAWN. I think i read it more than 10 times already.

Of course, i never miss a FIRST DAY SHOWING of all the movies =)

With all the anti twilight movement going on... I am still a fan and i'm not denying it. I still look forward of course to breaking dawn especially with Renesmee coming along. ^_^

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