Thursday, January 27, 2011

book.fave.rave: HUNGER (Gone Book 2)

After reading Gone, the first novel of this series, i knew i can't put off reading the next book. First off, i wasn't a big fan of the Diana-Caine romance, but during this book.. i realized i wanted them to be together. I think the book would be miserable without them (haha!). I personally wish that someday, the brothers would work together as friends of some sort. I bet Caine has a good heart underneath all that (and with Diana by his side).  I was intrigued of what the "darkness" was all about and i was relieved that finally i know what it is.

I think, with all that has happened, all the kids really had to grow up fast. Which is why Sam is thinking almost like an adult. As he said in the novel, he can't be a parent to everyone (which yea, i agree..he really can't), but he does anyway. Even though he really wants out, he's a good natured character so he can't help but think of others first. Astrid is a big help to him, helping him think logically. Astrid i think, is an anchor for Sam. And she's also a link to Little Pete (the oh so powerful kid). Some may say that the romance stuff between Astrid and Sam is really awkward or inappropriate, but hey, they need each other, that is also a part of growing up (in an accelerated way). Edilio is always helping out in ways nobody else can. I think he's a better sidekick that Quinn. I hated it when Lana shot him but it worked out whatever. Quinn.. oh man.. i think i'm just starting to like him here. The fish definitely got to me! haha! nice job there. I think it makes perfect sense that he should also have a big role here (being Sam's bff and all) and thank God for the fish right? Lana,, well .. she did what she thought was right at that time although i think that was stupid of her.

I easily liked Brianna's (Breeze) character. She's hard to miss in the book. I was so relieved when she didn't die. I wish he and Jack would have something aside from friendship =). Jack's character is really growing as well. From a geek dude to a Uranium-picking-hulk type of dude. I like it that he stood up for what he wants after everything he's been through.  Uhm, Dekka on the other hand.. has got me feeling awkward. With her crush on Breeze, and her power... i bet book 3 would be more exciting with her (i mean, i'm kind of wondering what her next move would be). Taylor.. taylor taylor.. at first i thought she has this big crush on Sam but no, i think it goes down deep. She looks up to Sam because he saved her. Same as with Brittney looking up to Edilio. It really freaked me out when she knew her heart wasn't beating anymore and she was in some strange zombie state. I guess i'll see more of her in the next book.

I guess that pretty much sums up all of the characters i want to SURVIVE for the next book and the next book and the book after that. haha! ^_^
And it also means I LOVE THE BOOK and love is such a strong word =).

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