Saturday, June 8, 2013



This book has reduced me to an emotional mess and I say that as a compliment.

Alaric and Keeley are just two special characters. Their story is somewhat bittersweet and so very satisfying in the end.

Alaric was to be wed to a neighboring clan for alliance purpose when he was suddenly injured and cared for by Keeley. He grew quite attached to her and was attracted to her from start to finish. Keeley on the other hand, is a woman who's shunned by others because of a lie. Of course she was also attracted to Alaric from the start. .I mean, who wouldn't? Since the book often described him as "beautiful". She also has some really good traits, like being extremely loyal and very outspoken. Needless to say, I admire her a lot.

Together, they enjoyed their moments before duty calls Alaric to marry another woman.

I love how hot and sweet they are for each other. They knew that their time was limited so the urgency just made it all the more beautiful.

Keeley's sacrifice near the end definitely floored me. Followed by that grand gesture from Alaric, it was all so great!!! You cannot imagine my relief once everything settled down.

I love how both books 1 and 2 sounded like a preparation for book 3. . I'm quite sure that it will be awesome!! ;p

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