Saturday, June 8, 2013


20 STARS!!!!! 

Am I exaggerating? Hell no!

I was very much looking forward to Caelen since book 1 because he seems to have the best background story. As it turns out, I was so right to anticipate his book! He is just so.. so.. so very manly.. Why I do believe that he's the best hero in this series. He was the most standoffish among the three. However, he has a very unique side to him. I knew it! Behind all that facade is a man willin to lay it all out for a woman!

Caelen was at first.. kinda cold towards Rionna, but it didn't last long. Rionna is just too lovable to resist. Plus, she's too kickass to ignore. I love how she's all womanly and very strong at the same time. I love how Rionna was so set on making Caelen love her and say the words. She even went through the trouble of wearing clothes that she really didn't want to wear (and yet they fit her perfectly). It didn't go unrewarded since Caelen became a very protective, very loving husband (although he still scowls a lot). Of course, I LOVE HOW RIONNA LED HER CLAN TO BATTLE WHEN THE ENEMY TOOK CAELEN. She was pregnant for heaven's sakes!!! I couldn't believe what I was reading. I guess when you're a warrior princess, you can do anything. ;p

Anyway, I love how the story ended. I will surely remember this always... how Rionna got her happily ever after with the scowling prince..errmm.. warrior rather. ^_^


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