Thursday, November 24, 2011


So i read this for about 3-4 hours straight. Couldn't put it down. Honestly, it was just refreshing. It's really not everyday that i get to read about ufo's, aliens and hot guys with compelling voice and a lot more super powers. The protagonist, Luce, is now one of my favorite kick ass girls together with Katniss, Katsa, Clary and many more. She is somewhat still, a typical teenager but i guess being abducted by aliens all throughout her life and being passed between relatives most of her life, i felt like she wasn't a teenager sometimes. I mean, her pov is sometimes that of an adult. I actually felt like she just had to be captured by the "other" side (Smith and the tweedldum&tweedledee) to know how it is for Arik. It kinda did her good. I think after coming out of that feat, she became a stronger character because by then, she understood already what was happening and where she and Arik stands in all that.

my letter to Arik: 

 Arik oh Arik... i thought you were some kind of "Absolute Boyfriend" -- like in the manga (a robot ordered online for the sole purpose to fit your idea of a perfect boyfriend).. turns out, you are absolutely not..which makes your character perfect! You influence or err.. "whisper" and charm people especially girls, i guess, but you're still half human and you absolutely have emotions. You're perfect in every way... like superman with all the super powers and you're sweet, gorgeous, witty and uber intelligent. I'm definitely adding you to my list of fictional wish-boyfriends! -xx haze (such a fangirl) 

 So there.. love the plot, love the characters.. a perfect 5! next book please! like now! ^_^

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