Friday, November 25, 2011


Let me tell you how i devoured DEVOUR today...

I was on my way to my boyfriend's house so i took a bus and i started reading it. Got down from the bus and rode the train and still, i was reading. Finally at my boyfriend's house and oh boy i was still reading in between conversations and lunch. Boyfriend had to go to a motorbike repair shop and i decided to accompany him there only to find my self sitting down the customer's lounge reading Devour. I was so engrossed that i didn't even noticed it was already 2 hours that i had been sitting there reading the book. When it was time to go home, i was finally near the end of the book. Again, found my self reading at the train and as i was standing inside the bus.. yes, I WAS READING DEVOUR WHILE STANDING INSIDE THE BUS.. and yet I managed finishing the book while everyone was bumping me from side to side. That is what happened today, awesome!

Now, i have to explain why i went through all the trouble just to finish the book. To me, IT WAS JUST THAT GOOD!

I always enjoy a young adult novel wherein the heroine stands up for herself. In Devour, Clara made it to my top heroine picks even though she doesn't have any powers at all. I love her because even if her whole world have certainly changed because of the death of her parents, she didn't let it become such a downer in her life. I also loved her character because she finally ditched her idiotic bitchy group of friends. One of my beloved scenes is the scene wherein she faced Dee. Mygosh, that scene is one of the scenes i wish i would've done in high school.  Finally, i love Clara because she has her own virtues and manages to keep it all in tact in spite of the things that happened to her.

Okaaay.. enough about Clara and more about Eli.. hmm, Eli for me is a typical hero with a not so typical role. Errrm.. he's kinda evil yet he's not. Hmm.. how do i explain. Okay, the nearest one i can compare is Edward of Twilight who also thinks he's all evil because he's a vamp (please don't shoot me for comparing him to Edward, i like both of their characters). Eli's kind feeds of people's negative emotions yet he's drawn to Clara's positive ones. Personally, i love it that Clara bound him to her unintentionally (although not explained in the book how she managed to do this) so that he doesn't need other people's emotions to feed on. It sounds kinda creepy when i say it like that but trust me, it's all good in the book.. i just can't seem to explain it here properly. What i love about Eli is that he's drawn to Clara but not entirely addicted to her. He's not the possessive type, he's the protective one. He's just really good for and with Clara. I love it that he's somewhat the reason why Clara decided to stand up for what is right. And lastly, i love it because he is really trying to be good even though his nature is to be evil.

I think there was i time wherein i felt bad for Tate but one thing led to another and i sort of just didn't care for his character at all. I like Patrick and Sarah.. i hope i see more interaction between both of them on the next book.

All in all.. Devour is AMAZING and i love it! i think the story is quite unique and has so many possibilities. I would definitely love to read the next one. =)
perfect 5! ^_^

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