Thursday, November 3, 2011


The book started a bit slow for me. I wasn't sure what the first scenes were for but i continued reading it.. and yes, i wasn't disappointed. The story is great! i would say its a unique plot since the characters are all really bizarre. It wasn't until i was already in the middle that i figured out that the whole story is woven aroun forbidden love. Yes, its a romeo-julliet story. I was reminded of the movie Underworld: Rise of the Lycans with the beheading of Madrigal. There was a scene in Rise of the Lycans that the father of the girl kills her because she fell for the other species. In fact, that scene also had the guy watching while the girl dies..same as here with Daughter of Smoke and Bone. The descriptions here are sooooo thought-provoking that my imagination was working overtime. I love the places, creatures and things described.. its like, again, watching a movie.

I admire their love story. Akiva because he still persued Madrigal even though he knows that the end may not be so pretty for both of them. I admire Karou / Madrigal because she found a way to go back to Akiva.

I just hate it that i have to wait so long for the next book. I'm sure whatever happens next won't be so bad. I'm also quite sure that Karou's family is still alive.. i mean, c'mon.. they're better than that. I guess i would love to see more of chimeara's side for the next book. Lastly, i'm sure that Akiva and Karou will settle their differences and get back together on the next book. I mean, hello, Karou literally defied death for Akiva.. she can't fall out of love in a snap (right? right?). She'll have to forgive Akiva at some point. Awwww...

Anyway... i'll be waiting for the next book... a book which will be out next year and i have to wait months before i can read! err..

its safe to say i'm in love with the story. =)

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