Wednesday, November 30, 2011



I knew it!! i just knew it! I knew i would love this book the moment i added it to my to-read books. Finished the book in three hours. I actually felt afraid to read this because i hate cliff hangers and i kinda convinced my self that this book has one. Anyway, i was tempted and read it FAST. First thing on my mind after reading it? DAMN WHAT A BOOK!. Shatter Me is definitely one of those books that  i want to be made into a movie. Of course, that's just me, since i'm definitely a big fan of the x-men and would always adore novels that has character who has powers and stuff. This novel also proves that we can definitely judge the book by it's cover sometimes. ha! the cover really caught my eyes from the start so i doesn't hurt to have such a gorgeous model in the front eh?

I am definitely a big fan now of Juliette.. my modern ROGUE. Her character is just so damn strong.. and i don't just mean physically (coz she is y'know?) .. her mind and heart is strong as well. Imagine not being able to touch another person for as long as you can remember.. and being locked up for months with no one to talk to. . .that could definitely mess up one's mind right? What a plot baby.. WHAT A PLOT.  I instantly liked Adam when he walked into Juliette's cell. I loved him instantly when Juliette started dropping hints that she knows him and oh.. he's so adorable and sweet when they finally let the cat out of the bag.. i mean when they finally admitted to one another that they remembered each other. Adam's character is also admirable because he's intelligent, he sees through people and he cares so much for his younger brother. I'm hoping that he somehow gets to have a power of some sort too. But even if he doesn't have one, the fact that he touch Juliette is power enough to me =)

It's just plain amazing. I can never get over this series now especially when it's just getting started and i never felt like i'm left hanging. The ending is really good for me.. because all was well and i felt like they're just throwing the red carpet for the next book.

Shatter Me left me grinning from ear to ear. love it! ^_^

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