Friday, October 7, 2011


A novel full of emotional ties and family issues. I love everything about it even the lies and betrayals. Its such a heart warming novel that i never noticed the time. I love Matt.. even if he posed as his brother which is completely psychotic and freaky when you look at it that way.. but, i definitely understand why he did it. Sometimes people just needs a coping mechanism to go through everyday after they crash and burn, I figured the twist already in the middle of the novel, so i wasn't that surprised when all blew up in the end part. Its just kinda sad.. i was somehow (just a little bit) hoping that Finn is real (like not dead) because he sounds like a really cool guy. I wish the novel was longer though.. to give way to Matt's personality. I mean, after the novel, its just unclear to me what he really is all about. Its like he's two different persons. But i guess that's the whole point of the novel. Maybe he had to reconcile the two personalities (opposite of Finn and same with Finn). I love how Julie was able to help the family emotionally, with Celeste and all. I figured, Julie has such a strong personality that she was able to break down the barrier of the family against grief.

 Anywayyy.. such a lovely novel..  a perfect 5.

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