Monday, October 17, 2011


I started watching this anime years and years ago.. frankly, i don't remember although its more recent than Fushigi Yuugi or Ghost Fighter. What i love about this anime is its flexibility. In a way, this is a very humorous anime, but is also quite a serious one.. but i'm leaning on the idea that the author made this to inspire people and to make young adults learn that everything has a purpose.

The main idea of this anime is that kids has different types of ALICE or powers. It has so many possibilities coming from just that idea. Mikan, the main character of the anime is a very cheerful, resilient and positive girl. I admire her character from the start because when she starts to think about something, she really goes for it with all her heart. If you would watch the anime, you'll see that she is not the brightest in her class, sometimes even at the bottom.. but she always does everything to make her self better. She never gives up. Natsume, her somewhat love interest (at such a young age if i may say so, but yeah, i don't care haha!) is a fiery boy who holds FIRE as his alice. He's so very volatile and moody that sometimes i as a fan don't know which way is up. He's a member of an organization of the school who're being sent to missions to protect the academy in a good or most of the time very bad way. In short, the academy uses his power for their own reasons. I'm utterly captivated by his interaction with Mikan. I think Natsume sees Mikan as a hope that not everything is as bad as it seems.

After watching 26 episodes, i switched over to the manga.. and no surprise there, i loved the manga even more! The manga has been going on for quite some time already (years) that i think I've watched them grow up. The last chapters i read are really "awwww" provoking. Natsume and Mikan finally knows that they both have feelings for each other and both are willing to fight for their future. I can't elaborate the conflict in the whole manga..its just hmm.. too complicated. Lets just say i also want y'all to read it so i'm not giving anything up. haha.

Here are some recent scenes ch 144 i think and ch 145 from the manga. I love 'em!! FINALLY!! ^_^

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