Monday, October 24, 2011

BOOK.FAVE.RAVE: Thoughtless and Effortless

Thoughtless and Efortless are two smashing novels which i won't ever forget. Thoughtless is a love triangle per se. I hated the heroine most of the time because she just can't make up her mind! At times, i wanted to put the book down, but Kellan always pulls me back. Kellan is a one of a kind character. He's soooo understanding at times and then suddenly switches into a moody artist.. but what i love most about him other than he's sooo gorgeous (in my mind) is that he's innocent about love and then he let Kiera in and so began the rollercoaster of emotion. Followed by Effortless which showed a great plot and awesome ending to the series. This is one helluva sweet and sexy novel about love, trust and loyalties. It also taught me a lot about long distance relationship.  I can honestly say that the characters from Thoughtless grew up in Effortless. All in all, i love this series and would forever recommend to all ^_^

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