Saturday, March 17, 2012



Where do i start? Well damn, this has got to be my most emotional action - suspense romance novel so far. Sitting here right now at 1am thinking of what to type.. my mind is still in scrambles. The story left my brain foggy. I am one happy reader.

First of all, this is one good getting-back together story. The main characters knew each other waaayyy back and rekindled the flame. That rarely happens and in fiction, rarely works for me.. and yet.. this novel just wormed it's way into my heart. Hunt and Sophie met when they were still teenagers and then went on separate ways. After 12 years, circumstances make their worlds clash again and then things got hot, heavy and action packed. Hunt is one great hero! He sacrificed his own freedom for his sister. He's always thinking of others before himself. He had lots of bad experiences during the time that he was imprisoned and yet, in the end, he was willing to go back. Sophie on the other hand.. i admire her for her courage and faith. She always believed in Hunt. The plot had so many twists and turns but one thing remained constant, the story is interesting! I was never bored. Not one bit. I sweeaarr i'm so happy about the ending right now i could just die. I wasn't surprised that Julian and Hunt became close! I mean, they kinda have the same background. I love it that they all welcomed Hunt and gave him a second chance(yeaaahh everything's all about Hunt! I love Hunt! Go Team Hunt!!!).

This is one helluva novel! i admit to crying at some parts (uhuh sappy sappy sappy me) and to also to jumping for joy at some especially the ending!! WHAT AN ENDING! I can't help but set high expectations for the next book....

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