Saturday, March 17, 2012

book.fave.rave: CALLUM & HARPER

AWWWWWWW invoking

Callum and Harper's childhood may not have been the best, but they surely had a lucky streak ever since they met each other.. well, kind of if you don't count being robbed, mugged or their house burning down.

I will forever remember how sweet i found this novel to be. From the very beginning down to the last page.. it never failed me. Okaaayy.. so i love hearts and flowers and fluffy scenes.. is that a problem? LOL. Their constant flirtation was heaven in my eyes. I love that after everything that happened to them, they stayed with each other. I found the repetitive conflict scenes with John Bell truly annoying. I know it's all good cuz that's part of the story.. but i wish there were less of those scenes. I actually whooped when i read about how that guy died, ugh.

Callum is a very ideal guy. He's smart and even though he's been through a lot, he straightened out and believed that he can make it. I thought Harper was super tough at first.. but then i noticed that she's soft on the inside really. I guess the tough part was just bravado brought about by her situation in life. While reading the book.. i can't help but feel like i want to be Harper.. or maybe one of their friends. Am i crazy for wanting to be a fictional character? Well.. if i am.. i don't care.haha.

I'm soooo glad i gave this one a chance. I love it!! =)

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