Saturday, March 3, 2012

book.fave.rave: BECAUSE OF LOW

Can't count my ooohh's and ahhhh's

I really love how Ms. Glines weaves a story. This one's definitely a must-read!

I liked Marcus from Breathe.. but in this book, I LOVE HIM. He's such a sweet, sweet guy! .. a gentleman and a based on the book, dang hot. Low suited him well in the story. He's soooo sweet to her and I love their house-moments. Low has her issues but i'm glad they got past that. Her relationship with Cage bugged me a lot. I honestly thought that they will have some sort of love triangle. Anywayyy.. everything went well and let me just say, i didn't see that one coming! I mean, the conflict in the end made me think that i was about to read a bad ending again. Thank God it wasn't!! ^_^

I feel so happy and satisfied and ready to move on to another feel good book.

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