Saturday, March 17, 2012

book.fave.rave: MAKING YOU MINE (Moreno Brothers #5)


I actually do not know how to review this. I was so engrossed with Angel's POV that i almost forgot Sal's story. Haha. I think i will just cut this review into half.

Sal and Grace's story:

I was expecting Sal to be the boring brother. I should've known better. Ms. Reyes doesn't make a boring character. Oh well. Sal isn't far from Angel's and Alex's character. He's protective, serious and hot too... he's just too much into details. Gracie on the other hand, is so young and vibrant. Yes, that's my decription of her. She's just so full of life, dreams and spunk. I like it that she aims high in life. She did not dwell on her failings but focused on what she's good at. Their love story is sweet and also based on trust issues. I love it because i never know what's gonna happen next (of course i assumed that they were gonna end up together right, or i'll be devastated at the end). The plot is pretty good. I fell in love with their family all over again. I love the Morenos. They are forever in my list of fave fictional families list. The roles they played to get Sal and Gracie back together again are just so awesome that i wanna see it in real life. I love how the two got together and eventually started their family. I'm happy for their very own happily-ever-after.

ANGEL'S and SARA'S story:

I have mixed feelings with this story. Just like their book, i don't understand how Sara can love Sydney and not be "in love" with him.. but when i look past that, this pov is just so perfect i could just cry. I love what happened to them! I am so touched by their baby's story. I was a NICU nurse for a while and i know what it's like to see babies hooked on tubes. It's heartbreaking to watch them. I can just imagine what it's like for parents. Ms. Reyes probably was spot on when it came to their emotions. Angel and Sara's story is inspiring especially since Sara had a hard time getting pregnant. The frustration, pressure and emotional rollercoaster of trying to get pregnant was so easy to see in this pov. Anyway... they also had their happily-ever-after.. and for that.. i'm happy for them.. ^_^


Please give me more from Ms. Reyes! ^_^

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