Friday, April 29, 2011

friend.fave.rave: JET

J - jocose
E - equal
T - tenacious

Meet my really good friend Jet. She's about 5ft tall (or taller since i'm soooo bad at guessing) Weight? uhm, lower than mine of course! First impression? L-O-N-E-R and always the silent type. Trust me, when i first met her, all i get out of her are 2-3 words max. I finally concluded (after the first 3-4 days of meeting her) that she's just terrible in starting conversations. Haha.. okay so i admit, this is one case wherein my bad bad bad first impressions are horribly false!

Some experiences i remember:

My barkada and i live quite close to each other.. maybe 5 streets apart or so and Jet was always my jeepney partner. She's always the last person to get off the jeep and i before her. At first, we don't talk at all. We stare outside until i get to say goodbye to her. But then things happen and people get closer. I could've sworn that at some point, she wanted to use ear mufflers already just to escape my voice and my redundant stories (me being Ms. Talkative and all).

What exactly happened to make me love Jet? Hmmm.. maybe the jeepney rides after school? or the easy company she always had to offer? She always have been there for any one of us so maybe that's a plus. But one thing that i'll always remember is coming to a realization that Jet is a very observant person. That is why she tends to be silent at first. She observes and keeps them all to her self until you approach her and ask her what she thinks of you. I love her because she pays attention.

I used to talk to Jet (when we were still residing in Manila) for hours and hours. And i remember one time talking to her on our phone here in my new house for 5 freakin hours..and then our monthly bill came.. it's 3thousand plus. Hahaha! What do we talk about? from silly stuffs to gossips, to news, to everyday life and just anything under the sun.

Describing Jet would be fairly eaaassy. She's RATIONAL! so very rational that sometimes, you may mistake her words for something hurtful when really, its not (just get over it!). She has this "if and then" phenomenon going on (uhh, no she can't exactly see the future but she lays possible futures for any choice one may take). If you want advices which are really straight to the point, honest, revealing and all-angles-checked, go to Jet! She won't baby you! Instead, she'll be truthful, supportive and she'll be someone who will let you choose all on your own without frowning because as she always say.."matanda ka na, alam mo na yan" (you're already all grown up, you can handle that on your own). You just make sure that your face is still attached when you find out that what you chose isn't the best..kidding! she won't ever bash you for it. Maybe a little i-told-you-so.. but after that, she's still your friend. She also has a happy disposition in life. I can't precisely say that she's an optimist (since she weighs all angles even the negative side) but i know that whatever she does, she thinks it through and just.. hopes for the best.

I'm not certain if she already know how much i admire her disposition in life, BUT YES.. i admire her easy going and rational personality. I am so proud that i found a friend in her.

OH by the way... she took up Mass Communication. Double the wrong first impression. Can a loner/silent type take up Mass Com? Somehow, i highly doubt it =)

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