Wednesday, April 27, 2011


BEST BEST BEST novel so far in the series!!! Much better than my previous fave Be Still my Vampire Heart. I was so sure i would hate Vanda but hell, i can be so wrong sometimes. I lover her character.. and i love Phil!!! can i take him home? ^_^

I can testify that all of the previous book in this series is really quite hilarious.. BUT this one? make that times 10! It started on a really light hearted funny note wherein Vanda is summoned for accusations and then later on was sentenced by Roman to an anger management program then Phil volunteered to be her sponsor. I swear i was doubling over laughing at the accusations! haha, it made my night!

As the story progressed, i can really see how Phil is attracted to Vanda, the purple haired girl. I mean, 8 years of flirting? pent up frustrations. I became Phil's admirer when he rescued Vanda from the python. Heroic and very sweet of him to have thought of that (as in when he woke up, the first thing in his mind was Vanda's safety).

I was surprised when war broke out. I didn't see that one coming. The bombings? hell.. i was shocked. I was loving the plot more and more.

I was waiting for Vanda to find out the truth about PHILUPUS. I really thought i'm going to hate her reaction, but it didn't happen.. she actually accepted that Phil is a werewolf (and an Alpha at that!). Maybe her acceptance is due to the fact that Ms. Sparks was kind and clever enough to let Phil save her life lots of times before the "coming-out". I also thought that Vanda's secret would be horrible.. but as it turns out, she only killed some bad guys so its not a shocker, really.

other thoughts: i commend the fact that for once, the heroine isn't anti-vamps (she just had to be anti werewolves.. and oh, behold, the hero just had to be one! haha ^^ ). Vanda's character is completely different from the other heroines which makes her a breath of fresh air. I love how devoted Phil is to Vanda. They do make a very nice couple. I feel bad about Dougal's hand (does he also get a happy ending?). And lastly.. GREAT ENDING! i am absolutely happy ecstatic etc about the ending. Best ending so far. ^_^ Now i'm certain that the next books would be oh so great as well! can i give it 10/5 stars? haha!

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