Sunday, February 5, 2012

book.fave.rave: ARTICLE 5

WHAT A GUNDAM GREAT NOVEL! (yes, i purposefully misspelled)

I leaned my head on his shoulder, feeling a sudden wave of fatigue. The fear and anger had been left to simmer until a later time when they might actually make sense, and though I knew it was temporary, I was relieved. We were safe and together, and that was all that mattered now.

That line above is probably the one line that made me exhale loudly in this whole novel. This is one helluva kick ass, bone breaking, teeth chattering, door knocking, heartwarming, gun blazing novel!! I honestly held my breath all the way to December! Well, maybe i took shallow breaths but still...woah!

I already expected that i would be beholden by this novel. The moment i added this to my to-read list.. i just knew i was bound to love it. The blurb was the one who caught my sight at first. And then reviews started coming... and then i was dying of waiting... (as with almost all of my 2012 upcoming books yet this one is special). When i started reading it, i couldn't help but take a few minutes for a breather. Scenes were that intense. There was almost no room to let my guard down as a reader. It seemed as if every time i started to be happy with one scene, another scene comes along and crushes my hope. No, i did not read the ending.. i figured, if it was going to have a bad ending then i'm gonna be totally disappointed but i was going to FINISH IT no matter what. I am so glad with the ending. I am indeed satisfied.

The characters were likable. Ember.. hmm, even if i thought she was stupid because she let herself get caught near the end, i guess it was all part of the story. If it weren't for her, they wouldn't have known what it's like inside the enemy's territory. I like that even though she had so many doubts, she was able to think things through on tougher situations. I like it that she cooperates when put in pressure. I feel bad about her mom because during the whole novel, i felt that she's the only guiding force for Ember. Anyway... there's still Chase so that lessens my feeling bad. Chase is... such a good guy that it's hard to be pissed at him. He's what i call i'm-big-and-strong-mysterious-and-brooding-but-i'm-sweet-and-kissable-when-persuaded. I love him. His character is really awfully self sacrificing that i hated Ember at some point for not recognizing his pain. I like it that no matter what, he was always thinking about Ember..

He kneeled before me. “No. You are my home.”

Mygosh, i love that line! sappysappy but i love it. I was going to wish that this novel had been longer but thinking about how many minutes / hours i spent gritting my teeth and holding my breath.. i'm glad it ended quickly.. and on a light note.

I would not.. could not possibly forget the Story of Article 5. I was taken aback when i found out what the title means but i guess it truly fits. I was thinking, if things that happened in this book would happen to me in real life.. i'll go crazy. This novel made me appreciate my freedom again. I'm giving it a perfect score ^_^

Looking forward to the next one.

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