Sunday, February 19, 2012

book.fave.rave: GEEK GIRL

If i can live a fictional life, i would like to be Jen.

First off... i'm a big, larger-than-life HUGE like really friggin huge fan of Heart on a Chain so reading another work of Ms. Bennett has been one of my missions ever since. Geek Girl did not fail me. I was so afraid that it won't live up to my expectations after HOAC, but wow.. it blew me away. I actually love it!

The story isn't just bad girl meets geek guy. It was about how a girl found her self by trying to be as bad as she can be. Hmm.. was that confusing? well.. Jen was kind of.. a badass. She did what she want and went by her own rules. When she tried to reform Trev-or and make him go to the dark side (haha star wars geek here), she was the one who was reeled in by the force instead. That made this story totally cute. Of course things isn't all just warm fuzzies. When things got rough, she already had a support center and that's what i'm happy about. This girl who tried her best to look bad at first gained friends and a whole family. I like it. If Jen was a real person, i'll definitely congratulate her for her luck in life. This is also the reason why i want to be her in a fictional life.haha!

I love how Trevor's character came to be. He is most definitely a geek and yet, he's somehow cool and based on the book. . .has really nice dimples. So i guess he's cute right? I love it that he is soooo nice, respectful and really paid attention to Jen. I also like it that he didn't make it easy for Jen when things blew up. I like it that he gave Jen the anger she deserved and she in turn learned a lot from it. Not to be mean of course, but you know.. we learn to value things when we lose it..and that's usually when we realize stuffs. The whole getting back together was soooo good.. it made me really squeal/laugh/jump up and down.


This story tells us that no matter how bad the world was to us, there's always hope. It's one thing that we can never lose especially if we still wake up each morning. Anyway... my feelings after this novel? *happy sigh* i think i can sleep now and dream of hearts and flowers.

PERFECT!!! ^_^

P.S.: You ever imagine Jen 10 years after? i think she will be such a cool mom, being part geek and part reformed party girl..added to the fact that she cooks.. That would be a riot! =)

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